Blackpool 0 – Middlesbrough 3 : REACTION

It’s Wednesday 9th November 2022, in this evening show we are both previewing this Saturday’s away fixture at Wigan, and if we must, go over the debacle against Middlesborough at Bloomfield Road last night as the ‘Pool put in a turgid performance against the Teessiders.


  • Decision making
    • Theo dragging a shot at the near post when HAS to go far after well worked set piece corner
    • Maxwell not coming for the cross for their goal, Ward not picking up their 21 to head back and Jones was unmarked getting the run on Thompson to score
    • Bad decision-making by the players, bad coaching or just bad players?
  1. Boro pen? Corbs and Thompson are both skinned by Jones on the left, Thompson bringing his man down, lucky no pen.
  2. Dracula – 26 Lehman header, Maxwell static on his line again allowing a free glancing header from the corner, should have scored. What is the keeper solution?
  3. Comedy of errors
    • Ward drills a hospital ball into Marv
  • Marv’s terrible control loses the ball and Forss gets a run on goal
    • Never a pen, dive by Forss and knocks pen it but all of our own making.
    • Who’s to blame for incidents like this which are becoming a regular occurrence?
  1. Jezza shanks
    • Nearly an OG but was in the right-back position at the time. Is this Jezza clearly not trusting Ward who was static at the time?
    • Pulls wide our only real chance of the game
  2. The right stuff – Ball played out to the right again, Ward nowhere and easy as you like, unmarked Akmom finishes. I wonder if SS still maintains that Grant Ward can play right back?
  3. Walkout!
    • Can you blame anyone for walking out early?


  1. How do we get out of this rut?
  2. Who’s to blame for the current situation?
  3. Do you think we’ll stay up?


  • Play VT
    • Tell us about the financial state of Wigan at the moment and do you think the administration is a possibility given the late players’ wages again?
  • Curtis Tilt?
  • Where do you think you’ll finish this season?
  • Pick team
  • Prediction


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