Blackpool v Burnley : Preview

It’s Friday 19th August 2022. In this evening’s show we are joined by Charlotte Rigby from the Burnley pod “No Nay Never” to help us preview the first of many Lancashire derbies this season as the ‘Pool travel to Turf Moor for the first time since 2013, nearly nine years ago!

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Charlotte Rigby – No Nay Never pod

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself, why you are a Burnley fan, how long and how you ended up on NNN pod
  2. Were you surprised when Sean Dyche was let go and do you think you’d have stayed up had he still been in situ?
  3. Has the style of play changed under Vincent Kompany compared to Sean Dyche?
  4. Are you in some way glad you are no longer in the PL given the circus surrounding a lot of it and the fact that we have the four leading Lancashire clubs playing each other in the Championship? So six derby games each!
  5. Are you confident you’ll go straight back up?
  6. Burnley players to watch out for tomorrow.
  7. Do you know anything about the current Blackpool team and what to expect from us?
  8. Match prediction


  • Sean and Tims thoughts on the Burnley match
  • Sean to update Appy presser
  • Team picker
  • Predictions


  • Patino – 4 weeks – ankle
  • Fiorini – 6 weeks
  • The club is advertising for a new “Fan Engagement Officer”
  • Doug Tharm on loan to Accy
  • The club is seeking planning permission from the council for three new exits at the southeast corner of the stadium.


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