Blackpool 0 – Swansea 1 : REACTION

Match talking points:

– First half, game poor,

Is Swansea the better side?

Playing out from the back not working?

Wasteful in possession

Bowler chance

Ben Cabango header

Marvs tackle

The second half, was much improved – Lavery the catalyst?

(Grimmy save in front of the north from deflection – outstanding)

Jerry pen – unlucky? Hit quite well, struck keeper’s foot… (first pen Jerry ever missed (outside of shootouts))

Bowlers attempt straight at the keeper

Josh Bowler’s failure to square to Jerry

Was the draw the more fair result? – Despite the result, the best performance of the season?

Lack of goals is the issue (is that supply or finishing?)

Things getting toxic, fans with short memories?

Appleton: fighting a losing battle with some fans?

Transfer window: what’s needed, what we’ll likely get (might link better to fan reaction bit as will probably get tweets like ‘we need 11 new players)

Twitter Fans’ Reactions

Read selected fans’ tweets.

QPR & Burnley: thoughts & expectations


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