Pyros, Prices, Swansea & Barrow

In this evening’s late-night preview show, we are taking a look at Saturday’s fixture against the Swans and also looking back on the shit show against Barrow as the ‘Pool were dumped out of the Carabao Cup at the first hurdle. Also looking at the latest news and developments from Bloomfield Road.


  • Barrow in the Carabao Cup
  • None of our kids in starting line up?
  • First half woeful
  • Lavery unlucky or not good enough?
  • Dare we speak of CJ again…?
  • Ratings or just quick MOM/villain of the match? (Patino not mom!)
  • Ticket prices for Burnley away
  • Club response (see Sean’s article – basically, no parachute money,competing with big clubs and official coaches are cheap)
  • Obviously looking to cash in our status as preferred away day. Is away travel going to be in jeopardy as fuel prices and energy prices create cashflow concerns for many? Where does this leave our model?
  • Whilst sympathetic to the difficulty of the club competing and wifet rising costs (the club has energy bill too for example) should we not be pressing for reasonable pricing across all football? Which includes our own club… is the bigger picture what counts?
  • Keogh has gone to Ipswich.
  • Is it good business and a natural end of a great but ultimately aging player or could we have got a year out of him?
  • Is it a sign of the manager building *his* dressing room by being keen to move on a major personality in Critch’s team?
  • Fave Keogh moment/general Keogh appreciation (he deserves it)
  • What does this mean for the defence?
  • Swansea at home preview
  • Previous games (obvs 6-3 but what else?)
  • Swan and a Seasider (played for both)
  • Will it be as boring as previous Critch v Russell Martin games?
  • Sean explains to us stuff that only he knows about Swansea.
  • Pick our team
  • The great formatiom debate?
  • Predictions

Worth talking about pyro bans? Football is keen to cash in on drinking and gamblimg but is taking a draconian approach to fan behaviour. Yes, pyros cleary can impact people with breathing issues but gambling and drinking adverts all over don’t help people either…


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